Dr. Shahista S. Inamdar
Asstt. Professor

Date of Joining :19/04/2010

Date of Birth : 13th April 1984

Address: Flat 5 &6, Abhijit Apt-1, SingadaTalav, Gurudwara Road, Nashik-422001

Contact no: 8446541984                                     

E-mail ID: shahista.inamdar@yahoo.com


EducationalQualification: -


  1. BSL.LL.B (Five Years Law Course) From N.B.T Law College in April 2006 with First Class under University of Pune
  2.  LL.M Master of Lawfrom University of Pune in April 2008 with First Class, stood 3rd in the Order of Merit
  3.  NET in Law 28th June 2009
  4.  SET in Law 13th September 2009
  5.  Certificate Course in Forensic Science & Medical Jurisprudence from University of Pune in 2005 with  First Class, Stood 1st in the Order of Merit
  6.   Diploma Course in Intellectual Property Rights Law from University of Pune in April 2009 with first class, stood 3rd in the Order of merit.
  7.  Diploma Course in Alternative Dispute Resolution System from NBT Law College in April 2010 , first class with distinction.
  8.  Diploma in Business Law from Asian schools of Cyber Law in 2010 with first class.
  9. Diploma in Cyber Law from Asian Schools Of Cyber Law in 2009 ,First Class with distinction.
  10. Certificate Course in Human Rights from YCMOU Nashik in Feb.2009 with first class. 
  11. Ph.D awarded  in Aug 2016 from Rashtra Sant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Nagpur (Notification dated 27 sept 2016) on the topic “Status of Muslim Women in India – A Critical Study of Constitution & Statutory provisions in the light of judicial Approach” under the guidance of Dr. Mrs. Asmita AVaidya, Principal NBT Law College Nasik


 Specialization in LLM:

1. Business Law.

2. Human Rights.


 Teaching Subjects:-

1. Family Law I.                        2. Women & Law relating to child.

3. Interpretation of Statutes.4. Family Law – II

5. Jurisprudence.                      6. Banking Law

7. Practical Training(Moot – court) 8. Criminal psychology


 Refresher / Orientation Courses:

1. Attended Summer School Equivalent to Refresher Course conducted by  HRDC, SPPU, Pune Held at  K.T.H.M.College, Nashik for 21Days from 06/05/2015 to 26/05/2015.


2. Attended141st Orientation Programme conducted at the UGC – Academic Staff College, University of Pune, Pune-07 for 28 days from.3/12/2012 to 30/12/2012.

 Paper Presentations and Publication:-

1) Participated in one day state level seminar on “ New Trends in Media – Internet  and Advertisement”  Organized by NBT Law College &presented paper on”Women to be treated as human being or commodity  in the light of Indecent Representation of women ( Prohibition ) Act .1986” On 27th Dec. 2011

2) Participated in one day National seminar on Law and Ethics in Public Domain:  Contemporary issues and challenges in India “Organized by Post Graduate Teaching Department of Law, RTM Nagpur University , Nagpur and presented paper on“ Possibility of Adoption of the Uniform Civil Code in the Light of Right to equality and Muslim Personal Law”on 20th September 2014 (ISSN: 0972-6349: P.223 – 231)


3) Participated in National Level Seminar on“Women and Cyber Crime” Organized by RTM Nagpur University Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar  College of Law  Nagpur and presented paper ( in Absentia) On  “Tussle Between Right to livelihood and  Morality in relation to obscenity and dignity of women in India – A Critical Study”on 6thFebruary 2015(ISSN:  090072/6349: P.124-129 )


4) Participated in National Level Seminar on “Law & Development in India”, organized by Department of Law , SavitribaiPhule Pune University,Pune and Presented paper on “Muslim Women & Gender Justice: Facts and Reality- Human Rights Perspective” on 7th November 2015.


5) Participated in one day International Conference on “Recent Trends in Commerce, Management, Social Science and Humanity” organized by Commonwealth Vocational University (CVU)in Association with International Association of Academician and Researcher (INAAR) at Pune and presented a paper on “  The impact of Personal Laws on the Status Of Muslim Women in Asian Continent – A Comparative Study Of Theocratic States v/s Secular State” on 10th Aug 2015:( International Journal Of Economics, Law and Social Sciences(IJELSS) Vol.II, Issue 8(II) ISSN 2348-165X P.48-50


6) Participated  in One Day National Level Seminar on  “ Review Of Section 498A of IPC, 1860”  , Organized by H.R.S.P.M’s Law College, Rajgurunagar, Pune and presented a paper (in absentia) on “Transition From Cruelty to Domestic Violence – A Historical Perspective” on 2nd Jan 2016:Ideal Publication :ISBN: 978-0-02-825289-6: p.114-120


7) Article titled “Gender Justice to Muslim Women : A Million Dollar Question”, published in Annual peer reviewed , Research Journal Of Law and Humanities, S.P.Law Review,  January 2016 Issue-IV, ISSN.No.2276-7814: p.8-17, published by SPARC Publication, SP College Of Law,Tadoba Road, Tukum, Chandrapur,Maharashtra.

8)Article titled “Muslim Women’s Right to Maintenance in India : A Judicial Apathy”, published in International Multilingual Research Journal ,Vidyawarta,Issue-14, vol-07, April to June 2016, ISSN-2319 9318,p.48-52

9) Article titled Human Rights of disabled persons in the light of “Jeeja Ghosh’s Case”- A bird’s eye view”, published in Annual peer reviewed , Research Journal Of Law and Humanities, S.P.Law Review,  March  2017 Volume-V, ISSN.No.2278-7815: p.60-64, published by SPARC Publication, SP College Of Law,Tadoba Road, Tukum, Chandrapur,Maharashtra.


10) Article titled “A Critical Analysis Right to Equality As a Basic Human Right of Muslim Women in India”, published in International Multilingual Research Journal ,Printing Area(UGC Approved Refereed Journal Jr.No.43053),Issue-32, vol-06, August 2017, ISSN-2394 5303 p.94-102.


 Seminar  /workshop/ Short Term  Training :

1. Participated in one day workshop on “Child Rights in India – Present Scenario” Organizedby NBT Law College & Maharashtra Federation of Women Lawyers, Nashik.On 24thSeptember 2011.

2. Participated in one day state Level Seminar on “Recent trends and challenges before Legal Education” Organized by MVP Law College Nashik On23rdJan2012.

3. Organized and participated in One day District Level Workshop on  “ Medico- Legal aspects of The Pre –Conception & Pre – Natal Diagnostic  Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act, 1994” Conducted at Navjeevan Law College, Nashik On 25thJanuary 2012.

4. Attended three days national level seminar on “Empowering researcher to overcome hurdles with latest statistical tools, SPSS and methods in research”, conducted by Navjeevan Institute of Management, in 2012.


5. Organized and participated in one day state level workshop on “Judicial Accountability”, Conducted at Navjeevan Law College, Nashik on 28 Sept. 2013.

6. Participated in Short term Training  programme on “Legal & Interdisciplinary Research Methodology” Conducted by N.B.T.Law College Nashik from 19thto 23 rd January 2015.

7.  Co-ordinated Workshop under Vidhyarthini Arogya Prabodhan under SPPU on 14th Feb 2015 regarding Personal Hygiene and Laws relating to Gender sensitization at Navjeevan Law College , Nashik

8. Organized and participated  in One Day State Level Seminar on “Role of Police in Criminal Administration of Justice in the Light of Violation of Human Rights”  Organized by Navjeevan Law College, Nashik-8  on 23rd  Jan. 2016.

9.Co-ordinated Two Days state Level Seminar on “Changing Dimensions of Intellectual Property Law in India” on 25th and 26th Sept.2016 at Navjeevan Law College, Nasik

10. Participated in One Day National Conference on “Human Rights Issues and Challenges in Current Era and presented paper on  “Muslim Women and Uniformity of Laws- A Human Rights Perspective  ”  on  8th Oct 2016 at St.Wilfreds College of Law, Mumbai.

11. Participated in Two days InterNational Conference on “Inclusive Education For Dynamic and Equitable Societies” and presented paper on "Inclusive Education of Disable Person - A socio-Legal Scenario"on  27th and 28th Jan 2017 organized by H.G.M.Azam College Of Education at Pune.

12. Co-ordinated Workshop under Vidhyarthini Arogya Prabodhan under SPPU on 17th Feb 2017 regarding  “Self Defence, Sexual Harassment : Recognition and Reaction” At Navjeevan Law College Nashik.


13. Participated in One day National Conference on “Globalization & Challenges” and presented paper on “Impact of Globalization on”  on 25th March 2017 at Navjeevan Institute Of Management , Nashik


14. Participated in Two days International Conference on "Advancement and Challenges in  Social Sciences and Business Management - Interdisciplinary Research and Practices " At Goa and presented paper on "A Critical Study of Emerging Legal Trendsregarding Indecent Portrayal of women in Media - An Indian Scenario" on 11th and 12th Nov 2017


Resource Person / Guest Lectures Delivered:

1) Resource Person for One Day Workshop on Nirbhay Kanya on 28-02-2014  on Laws relating to women at M.G.V’sLokneteVyankatraoHiray Arts, Science & Commerce College , Panchavati, Nashik

2) Guest Lecture Delivered on “Gender Equality” on 19/01/2017at MVPSamaj’s Law College , Nashik under the capacity of Chief Guest for celebration of “YuvaSaptah”

Examination Duties:

1. Worked as CEO at Navjeevan Law College, Nashik

2. Worked as External Senior Supervisor at NBT law College for Diploma and LLM examinations.

3.Worked as External Senior Supervisor at MVP'sKSKW College Nashik

4. Worked as Paper Setter For LL.B and LL.M examintions.

5. Worked as Junior Supervisor at Navjeevan Law College.

6.Appointed for CAP in University of Pune.