Celebration of Anti-Ragging Week

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Celebration of Anti-Ragging Awareness Week

Date 17 August 2023

“Say No to Anti-Ragging, Yes to Joyful Campus”

An impactful awareness program addressing the crucial theme of combatting anti-ragging while fostering a joyful campus environment was successfully conducted at Navjeevan Law College, Nasik. The program took place on 17th Aug and witnessed the participation of esteemed personalities, including Dr. Shahista Inamdar, Student Development Officer, Professor M. S. Pande Legal Aid Coordinator, and Adv. B. S. Shinde. The highlight of the program was the students’ collective pledge to say no to ragging.

Program Highlights: The awareness program aimed to sensitize the students, faculty, and staff about the harmful effects of ragging and to promote a harmonious and positive campus atmosphere.

Event Details:1. Opening Address by Dr. Shahista Inamdar: Student Development Officer, inaugurated the event with an insightful opening address. She highlighted the importance of creating an environment where students can learn, grow, and thrive without the fear of ragging. Her words resonated with the audience, setting the tone for the rest of the program.

  1. Talk by Professor M. S. Pande, a distinguished senior professor, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the role of education in nurturing empathy and respect among students. He stressed the significance of educators in fostering a sense of belonging, which ultimately contributes to a joyful and inclusive campus environment.
  2. Legal Aspects: Adv. B. S. Shinde: Adv. B. S. Shinde, a respected legal practitioner, discussed the legal consequences of ragging and the need for strict enforcement of anti-ragging measures. He underscored the importance of understanding the legal implications to deter students from engaging in ragging activities.
  3. Student Pledge and Interactive Session: The highlight of the event was the students’ active involvement. After the enlightening sessions, students were invited to take a pledge collectively, vowing to stand against ragging and actively contribute to a campus atmosphere filled with joy, respect, and harmony. This interactive session fostered a sense of unity and determination among the students.

Conclusion: The awareness program at Navjeevan Law College successfully addressed the serious issue of ragging while promoting a joyful campus environment.  The students’ pledge to say no to ragging demonstrated their commitment to creating a safe and welcoming campus for all. This program serves as a stepping stone towards building a campus culture founded on respect, compassion, and learning.