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Welcome to NLC, Nashik Library

The inception of the NAVJEEVAN LAW COLLEGE, LIBRARY took place from year 1999. Library strives to build a repository of knowledge base in the form of records, reports, journal, and other documents to aid future research and learning. College library has more than 5500 text books, reference books and many journals / Law Reports. The library has subscribed various national databases.



The library has a rich collection of law books, reference books, journals and periodicals. The library offers reading room facility to the students to study and for reading News Papers. It also provided home lending facility to the students.

Library Timings

Days Timings
Monday – Saturday 08:00 am – 05:00 pm

1) Every student must possess an identity card with him/her, and must produce it whenever demanded by the college authorities.
2) Readers desirous of using the library or taking books should submit their I-card duly signed by the principal as well as enter their names and address rightly in the register kept for the purpose and the signature so recorded will be treated as their acknowledgement to abide by the rules of library.
3) Every student will be allowed to take two books. The books have to be returned within 15 days. Books returned after specified period will be fine Rs.2/- per day (including Sunday & Holiday).
4) Reference books and periodicals are not issued outside the library. They are not for home lending.
5) Students should not write or make any mark upon, or damage any page of a book, journal, manuscript or misuse the properties of the library.
6) Readers shall maintain silence within the library premises.
7) Students before leaving the reference section should returns the books, journals and manuscripts and other materials to the counter assistant.
8) Readers are responsible for damage or injury done to the books, journals or other properties of the library and should compensate the loss caused by them as determine by the librarian.
9) Spitting, smoking, eating, talking and reading loudly are strictly prohibited.
10) The students should maintain strict discipline at the time of issue and return of the books.
11) Penalty for loss of books:-

  • Before taking a book out of the library students must satisfy himself as to whether the book lent to him/her is in a good condition or not. So, he must immediately bring the matter to the notice of the librarian otherwise he is liable to be held responsible for the damaged state of the book.
  • If a book of a set is damaged or lost the whole set may have to be replaced and the value as assessed by the librarian and approved by the principal be immediately paid by the borrower.
  •  In case of a book lost, double the cost with a fine of Rs 50/- or present cost with a fine of Rs. 50/- only will be taken from the borrower.

12) All students must return the books to the library on or before respective semester examinations.
13) Renewal of the borrowing books:-
Loan of books or other materials renewed for further period, provided that no other reader has  applied for the same book in the meantime.
14) The principal reserves the right to recall the books from the borrower at any time he likes.
15) Students must return all books issued to them and obtain “No due certificate” from the library on or before taking his/her hall ticket.
16) Refund of Library Deposit:-

  • Library deposit will be refunded only after completion of course i.e. Three year of LL.B. degree & Five year of B.A.LL.B. degree and one year diploma course.
  • Students left before/ in between completion of course will not be eligible for any refund of library deposit.
  • Library deposit not claimed for one year form completion will be forfeited and hence not refunded.