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Mr. Subhash G. Deshmukh

Managing Trustee
(Navjeevan Education Society)



To be Perfect …

      To be Wise …

                         To be Humane …

                                    To be Loyal….! ”


”Let us have faith that

right makes might; and

in that faith let us, to

the end, dare to  do our

duty as we understand it”

                 – Abraham Lincoln

Vijaya S. Deshmukh

(Navjeevan Education Society)

Navjeevan wishes to propagate the same notion in its educational endeavour…

Even Navjeevan Law College too.

We are not desirous to prepare our students as just bookworms-or rigid followers of the past. We wish to make our students keen observers of circumstances, true lover of knowledge and versatile attorney of the future. We pray almighty to give us the necessary strength to shape and mould Navjeevan accordingly. God bless you.