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Debate Competition Report 18th December , 2022 :

An Intra-College Debate Competition was held at Navjeevan Law College Nashik on 18th December , 2022 at 11 a.m. on the occasion of World Minority Day, the students of Navjeevan Law College took part in the competition. Dr Shahista Inamdar, the Principal of College anchored the competition. She had set the motion of the debate by quoting Various types of Minorities: Religious Minority, Linguistic Minority and now Minority People belonging to LGBTQIA+,
Topic- “Same Sex Marriage and Live-In Relationship ”.

Some participants argued for the motion and some against the motion. The audience highly appreciated the debate. At the end of debate, the audience along with Teaching and Non teaching Staff were put to vote. The team arguing “FOR the motion” won the debate.

To summarise the debate both the teams took in consideration many cases related to the topics like- NALSA v. Union of India., KS. Puttaswamy v. Union of India., Badri Prasad v. Director of Consolidation, also debaters made a lot of points in relation to the Article 14, Article 21, The special Marriage Act, Hindu Marriage Act and so on.

In total 75 students participated in the competition which was observed by both Teaching and Non- teaching faculty of the college, out of which few students received prizes which were given to the winning team by our Faculty members
•1st Prize won by Sayyed Gulerana.
•2nd Prize was awarded to Samiksha Jadhav.
•3rd prize being a tie between Janvi Marathe and Vaishnavi Kulkarni.
•Consolation prizes were awarded to Jaywant Nagrale and Kshitij Chalke.