Importance of Sociology in Understanding Law

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Report of National Webinar on “Importance of Sociology in Understanding Law” Organized By Navjeevan Law College, Nashik.

Date: 17/04/2023

Online Webinar was conducted on “Importance of Sociology in Understanding Law” Organised By Navjeevan Law College, Nashik on 17/04/2023. The programme was anchored by Shraddha Thakur , B.A. LL.B – II , Navjeevan Law College, Nashik. The welcome address was given by  Dr. Shahista Inamdar, Principal I/C Navjeevan Law College, Nashik. Guest Mr. Dr. Sanjay Savale Sir was Introduced   by Zoya Sayyad, B.A.LL.B – II, Navjeevan Law College, Nashik.

Session – I was guided by Mr. Dr. Sanjay Savale, Professor, Department of Sociology, KTHM College, Nashik  on topic “Understanding Sociological concerns of law”, he covered  the topics of SOCIAL CHANGE by giving example of  Karl Marx addressed class inequality and intended to bring changes to equal, just society. Also, topic of What sociology is all about?, Meaning of law , Social arenas and Concerns of law, Interrelatedness of law and society, Emile Durkheim-traditional and modern law, Max Weber–rationalization of law, Gramsci-cultural

hegemony and law, Althusser –law as Repressive State Apparatus, Foucault and ‘THE DISCIPLINE AND PUNISH’-1, Sociological Concerns, Law: Concerns and Questions, Laws as Deception, Understanding  issues and events.

 Guest Mrs. Dr. Shruti Tambe was Introduced  by Sneha Dhatrak, B.A.LL.B – II, Navjeevan Law College, Nashik.

Session – II was addressed by Mrs. Dr. Shruti Tambe, HoD of Department of Sociology, SPPU, Pune on the topic “Relationship between law and social movements in democratic society”. She discussed what is  Indian Democracy, Social Movement and Social Change through Various Times. She emphasized discussing on Difference in race, ethnicity and Gender. She related recent social events with study of Sociology and Law. She also encouraged our students as “Lawyers are the custodian of the Law’. Movements are due to cause of change in Society.

Then the Question & Answer Session was taken and  the  Summary of the webinar was given by  Ms. Ulka K. Chauhan  then Vote of Thanks by Anugrah Narayan (BALLB II) and the webinar was concluded.